Sunday, June 02, 2013

Just finished a portrait in pastels. I copied it from a very old picture where all the colors had faded, so it was kind of hard. All I knew for sure was that the girl in the dress (my aunt) is wearing a traditional black dress from Chiapas, with ridonculous colors all over. My aunt suffers from hydrocephalus, and right now it's too advanced, she cannot get up from her bed anymore, so I wanted to give this drawing to my dad, you know. Cause he lives in fucking Qatar and can't see her as often as he'd like. So this is what happened. 

Alrigt, there you have the original photo (of a photo) and then there's the final result. A thousand days after I had decided I was finished, I realised I had forgotten the necklace and the bracelet. But honestly, they're waaay too small to even notice them on the original photo. I did make the arm longer than it should be, that's why she looks a bit lanky on the drawing, but hey! Close enough. Close enough. 


Packin' my bags. Packin' my bags. Singin' a song. Singin' a song. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I make Magicks


Soooo, I finally couldn't sleep with my jeans on, so at some point during the night I just took them off. Whatever. Buuuut the real good news is that I'm FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY going back to Shanghai. Got my plane ticket and everything. I arrive on the 3rd of June at 3 pm.

Which is awesome because today it's the 31st of May. So that means... two more days and I can hop on a Qatar Airways flight once again. God I love that airline. I love it even more since we get special tickets right at the front of the plane mewhaha.

In a way it's sort of unfortunate because Blogspot is blocked in China, so I won't be able to blog as often as I'm now used to. Whoah, pity, right? I've got two regular readers and one of them is myself haha.

Whatever. I have a new blog now where I post updates about the mangas I translate (Chinese RAWS/Spanish, maaaaybe one day Chinese Manhua/Spanish, which would be awesome).

I'm gonna miss Qatar. Am I?

Arabic bread.
Lamb stuff. Gods I love lamb.

Everything else I like is either cheaper or better in China. SO I'M HAPPY!!!!

我等了这么这么久,终于能回中国了。在办签证的时候我兴奋的不得了了我妹妹都觉得丢脸,不过这一点也没办法,兴奋就是兴奋,要在大使馆里跳舞的话就必须跳舞吧!而我跳了半天到跳不了就再跳了一点 mwahaha mwahaahahahaaaaaa...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

work at night

Gotta break in my new jeans. I'm wearing them to bed, must must mwahaha. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Something FANTASTIC this way comes. 

LOVE STAGE!! is getting an anime adaptation!! Whaaat!!? 
Damn straight!!! 
Best thing that's happened since they announced Yokozawa was getting one as well!! 

(Scans by 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A little bit of this...

And a little bit of that. 

Alright, so I've been in Doha, Qatar for almost a month now. We weren't supposed to stay for longer than two weeks, since we were only waiting for our residence permits in order to apply for our Chinese visas and haul ass straight back to Shanghai. 

But that hasn't happened yet. Excuse my French but they are ridiculously anal concerning the paperwork that needs to be submitted. I mean, I'm 26 years old and they demanded the original, English and Arabic translations of my parents' divorce certificate where it should clearly state that my dad has my custody. What the hell, right? That custody stopped existing the moment I turned 18 years of age. Of course, I'm blaming it on the fact that divorces aren't a common sight in the muslim world. At least I hope so, for I'd never in my life felt more judged and pitied for being a divorce child. Not even when my parents actually divorced a good 15 years ago... I couldn't stop laughing though, when they dragged us to the office of I'm guessing the man in charge of all this nonsense and he pointedly asked us "Who is your father?" I mean you gotta laugh. 

But enough of that. I'll blog a little about Doha itself. It's annnnn interesting place, to say the least. 

Like I've mentioned before, it's beige and sandy. It really, really is. All buildings are the same colour except for the skyscrapers, for yes, there are skyscrapers on the other side of the river, god, the water is damn beautiful, and guess what? It's the goddamn Persian Gulf. Never in my life I imagined I'd one day go swimming in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Teh. Hell. 

So anyways, my dad lives here. When he's not flying somewhere he takes us in his car to ride around the city at night because it's fucking nice. I knew I was a city person after a couple of months of living in Corsica because I missed seeing tall buildings. I missed the city lights at night and the noise of bikes and terribly loud engines. Well, they've got all that here in Doha. Just a few nights ago we went out to dinner and on our way back home, about 10 bikes surrounded the car at a stop light and the leader was riding the biggest most bitchin' pink bike I've ever seen. I tried to snap a picture as fast as I could but I only managed a quick one right before they speed off at a thousand miles per hour on their back wheel. Bad asses they were. 
I know it doesn't look like a big bad ass bike but I promise you, O brothers, it was a sight. And because they were all wearing helmets, I silently nursed a crush for each and every single one of them. Because of the helmets, of course. I recently discovered I have a thing for helmets. And masks. (Hellooo, Darth Vader)
Our first week here was quite uneventful, our dad was out a lot so we were just hanging out at the hotel villa place where his apartment's at. They've got a nice gym and a swimming pool so we weren't doing much touring around. I mean of course we went to the first mall we set our eyes on and made a bee line straight for the cinema because after what happened in Paris, I was seriously dying to watch Iron Man 3. They had nachos! Haha. 

Alright, on to the prettier sights. There's this building, not especially tall but ridiculously beautiful. I'm not quire sure how to describe it. Imagine a penis. Alright, breathe, read on. Imagine a penis made of glass. Now imagine a pickelhaube, you know, one of those round helmets with a pointy spike, like from the Prussian army. Alright, so now imagine a giant yielding arabesque metal plate. Now put them together. What do you get? Why, what else? One of the most beautiful buildings ever created! 
It's like it has no walls. I mean, quite literally, it has no walls. The interior is completely made of glass, while the outer 'walls' are made of a giant metal arabesque pattern that lights up at night. It is by far my favorite building in Doha, quite possibly in the entire world. (And there are some beautiful buildings in Shanghai, mind you.) I have no idea what it's called and I've no idea what's inside but I want it. I want it. I want it. It's only worth it at night though, when it lights up. During the day you can barely tell since it's more difficult to peek inside. It's like lace. That's it! It's like a giant penis covered in iron lace. 

I know how that sounds, thank you very much. I've been reading way way to many Vegeta lemons. Seriously though, I've come across some fantastic lines. Whether or not I'll adapt them as pick-up lines, only time will tell. Like this one, check it: "She climaxed just as many times as bad erotica claimed a woman could, smack in the face of impending doom." I mean, come on if that isn't one of the most disturbingly awesome lines in fanfiction history! (How to Make Love to a Saiyan, by Caprice, profile) 

Ahh, okay then. I'm gonna go hit the pool. I'll end this post with a crappy picture of a beautiful sight. The Corniche at night. Gawd, that rhymed. 

Feeling nostalgic, of corse.

Don't you just love it when an otherwise fine picture is completely ruined by the faces? View from the top of a village called St. Antonino, north west side of Corsica. Gawd, I was going through some pictures and I really do miss it a bit now... I miss green things and freaky weather. Qatar is just beige and sandy. 

Oh, by the way, I finally got around sewing my Capsule Corp patch on the left side of my leather jacket. Now it is just beyond awesome. 
Ahh, Corsica. The last few days we were there, every little thing about the island annoyed me. From the rocky streets to the smell of cats, the poor service in every restaurant, the cheap wines, the pretty people, did I already mention the freaky weather? Sunny and raining at the same time, it's not something you see everyday. And two rainbows at the same time, right next to each other? By the end it was all annoying me to no end. Not to mention the fact that these damn Corsicans build their streets with river rocks, so it's fucking slippery the second it starts to rain? God, rivers. I miss those damn things. But I still think we left at the right time. Right before it got swamped by tourists. 

And no matter what everyone says, winter in Corsica is a damn glorious thing. There's absolutely nothing to do, but it's glorious nonetheless. I guess I won't be eating wild boar stew and drinking home made mulled wine by the fireplace while it snows outside any time soon. Sigh. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Why Jason Stathan should stop making movies.

Am I the only one who's tired of watching yet another driving/killing action movie trailer starring Jason Statham every time I go to the movies? 
I swear, every time I go to the cinema, its either that or yet another poster that looks exactly like the previous one. 
Seriously, look at this:


I mean come on!! If I were to change the titles and mismatch the covers, no one would know. It's the same goddamn poster over and over again! Doesn't anyone else see it? And not just that, it's the same damn character in EVERY damn movie... Except for Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels and Snatch. Those movies were good
But even in those movies he's either driving fast or holding a gun. Or driving while holding a gun. Or driving, stopping, then taking out his gun. Or putting his gun away before driving. 
Real bad asses don't need guns. Nor do they drive. They fly and shoot ki blasts. 
It's annoying enough that he doesn't change his look, (I mean even Woody Harrelson has had long hair at least once!). I want him to get out of his comfort zone and star in a Pedro Almodovar movie. That's what I want.  And in the poster, I want him to wear high heels and a shitload of makeup. And a long blonde wig. 

Oh, by the way, check it. 
"He was dead... but he got better"
What the FUCK is that supposed to mean? That's going on my top ten of most ridiculous movie lines ever, along with: 

The Avengers
Loki: "Free... from freedom." 

Snow white and the Huntsman
Snow white: "I rather die than live another minute of this death. "

Amongst many others, I honestly should make a list. Can you believe they're working on a Fast and Furions SEVEN?????? SEVEN!!! Who watches that?!?!!?! I mean... at least Harry Potter was building to an awesome ending but these... these movies, oh sweet jesus. 

Please stop. No more. I don't even watch those movies but having those trailers run before I watch MY movies is already too much to handle. Please stop Fast and Furious.